Sequenced but not-yet-clustered phages

Phages which have been sequenced but are borderline members of a cluster or subcluster are listed here until they can be carefully investigated and assigned to the appropriate cluster/subcluster.

Sequenced phages with no cluster

Adaia | Arthrobacter sulfureus NRRL B-14730 | BLASTn on PhagesDB

Rowa | Streptomyces azureus NRRL B-2655 | BLASTn on PhagesDB

Ryan | Arthrobacter globiformis B-2979 | BLASTn on PhagesDB

Sequenced phages with a cluster, but no subcluster

Andrew | Arthrobacter globiformis B-2979 | Cluster AS (2 subclusters) | BLASTn on PhagesDB

Beenie | Gordonia terrae 3612 | Cluster CZ (4 subclusters) | BLASTn on PhagesDB