Sounds of the SEA: SEA-PHAGES Podcast
Dan Russell
Jun 11, 2014
Today we're releasing the first-ever episode of the our new SEA-PHAGES podcast, Sounds of the SEA. Given that over 2,200 people were intimately involved in phagehunting this past academic year, we thought it'd be a good idea to have a platform to discuss what's going on in the program and in the larger phage biology world. This first episode is just really an introduction, but in future episodes we hope to have faculty guests from around the SEA-PHAGES community.

We're planning on recording our second episode live this Friday, June 13, in the time between the faculty retreat and the Symposium. If you're heading to Janelia Farm for these meetings, we encourage you to join us! And why not give Episode 1 a listen on the way?

The first episode: Sounds of the SEA Episode 1