SEA-PHAGES Papers (17)
The papers in this group are partially or completely authored by members of HHMI's Science Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science (SEA-PHAGES) program. The program began in Fall 2008 with 12 colleges and universities teaching a two-semester phage discovery and genomics class, and has grown to include over 70 schools and 1400 students.
Expanding the diversity of mycobacteriophages: Insights into genome architecture and evolution
Pope WH et al, 2011
With 192 authors contributing to the discovery and characterization of 18 new phages, this paper brought the total number of published mycobacteriophage genomes to 80. The paper discusses (among other topics) overall phage diversity, mobile elements, and immunity/immunity theft.
Dan Russell
Cluster K mycobacteriophages: insights into the evolutionary origins of mycobacteriophage TM4
PLoS One
Pope WH, Ferreira CM, Jacobs-Sera D, et al, 2011
This paper closely investigates Cluster K phages, including looking at immunity and introducing the discovery of Start-Associated-Sequences (SAS) and Extended Start Associated Sequences (ESAS).
Cluster M mycobacteriophages Bongo, PegLeg, and Rey with unusually large repetoires of tRNA isotypes
Journal of Virology
Pope WH et al, 2014
Genomics and proteomics of mycobacteriophage Patience, an accidental tourist in the mycobacterium neighborhood
Pope WH, Jacobs-Sera D, Russell DA, Rubin DH, Kajee A, Msibi, 2014
Comparative genomics of Cluster O mycobacteriophages
PLoS One
Cresawn SG, Pope WH, Jacobs-Sera D, Bowman CA, et al, 2015
A broadly implementable research course in phage discovery and genomics for first-year undergraduate students
Jordan TC et al, 2014
Cluster J mycobacteriophages:intron splicing in capsid and tail genes
PLoS One
Pope, WH et al, 2013
On the nature of mycobacteriophage diversity and host preference
Jacobs-Sera, D., et al, 2012
A web-based restriction endonuclease tool for mycobacteriophage cluster prediction
Journal of Basic Microbiology
Gissendanner CR et al, 2014
Genomic comparison of 93 Bacillus phages reveals 12 clusters, 14 singletons and remarkable diversity
BMC Genomics
Grose JH, et al, 2014
Mycobacteriophage Marvin: a new singleton phage with an unusual genome organization.
Journal of Virology
Mageeney C, et al., 2012
Characterization of Paenibacillus larvae bacteriophages and their genomic relationships to firmicute bacteriophages
BMC Genomics
Merrill BD et al, 2014
Phamerator: a bioinformatic tool for comparative bacteriophage genomics.
BMC Bioinformatics
Cresawn SG, et al., 2011
Phage cluster relationships identified through single gene analysis
BMC Genomics
Smith KC et al, 2013
Genomic characterization of six novel Bacillus pumilus bacteriophages
Lorenz L, et al, 2013
The genomes, proteomes, and structures of three novel phages that infect the Bacillus cereus group and carry putative virulence factors
Journal of Virology
Grose JH, et al, 2014
Non-STEM undergraduates become enthusiastic phage-hunters
CBE—Life Sciences Education
Caruso SM1, Sandoz J, Kelsey J., 2009