Details for Cluster U phages
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Members Subclusters Avg Size (bp) Avg GC% Avg Genes Avg tRNAs
3 -- 66,864 50.4 104 1

Cluster U phages infect hosts in the following genus


Papers related to Cluster U phages

Pope WH, Jacobs-Sera D, Russell DA, Rubin DH, Kajee A, Msibi (2014): Genomics and proteomics of mycobacteriophage Patience, an accidental tourist in the mycobacterium neighborhood

Lysogeny notes for Cluster U phages

Phages in this cluster appear to be lytic.

Cluster U phages
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Phage Name

Host Genus

Genome (bp)




Year Found

Labelle Mycobacterium 60709 50.4 None None 2021
Madruga Mycobacterium 69377 50.4 99 1 2011
Patience Mycobacterium 70506 50.3 109 1 2009
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