Mycobacterium phage Pita107
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Detailed Information for Phage Pita107
Discovery Information
Isolation HostMycobacterium smegmatis mc²155
Found ByKennedy and Madison
Year Found2016
Location Foundspokane , WA USA
Finding InstitutionGonzaga University
ProgramScience Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science
From enriched soil sample?No
Isolation TemperatureNot entered
GPS Coordinates47.665556 N, 117.401111 W Map
Discovery NotesWe found this phage on the shore of lake Arthur from a water sample.
Naming NotesPita or pitta (/ˈpitə/ or US /ˈpiːtə/)[1] also known as Arabic Bread or Lebanese Bread or Syrian Bread,[2][3][4] is a soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour that originated in the Near East,[4][5] most probably Mesopotamia around 2500 BC.[6] It is used in many Mediterranean, Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisines and resembles other slightly leavened flatbreads such as Iranian nan-e barbari, South Asian flatbreads, Central Asian naan, and pizza crust.

The first known mention of the word in English was in 1936.[7] The English word is borrowed from Modern Greek πίτα. These all probably come from the Byzantine Greek πίτα 'bread, cake, pie, pitta' (attested in 1108).[7] Some sources trace it to the Ancient Greek πίττα or πίσσα 'pitch/resin',[8][9] while others characterize this as "unlikely" and trace it to Latin picta 'painted', itself supposedly from Greek πηκτή 'congealed'.[10][11] Though the Modern Hebrew word pittāh is spelled like the Aramaic pittəṭā/pittā (which is related to Levantine Arabic fatteh), they are not connected historically.[7] Other hypotheses trace it to Germanic[12] or Illyrian.[13]

The word has been borrowed by Turkish as pide,[14] and appears in the Balkan languages as Serbo-Croatian pita, Romanian pită, Albanian pite, Bulgarian pitka or pita. In Arabic, the phrase "خبز البيتا" (pita bread) is sometimes used; other names are simply "خبز" 'bread' or "الخبز العربي" 'Arab bread' or "خبز الكماج" 'ekamj bread'.
source: Wikipedia
Sequencing Information
Sequencing Complete?No
Genome length (bp)Unknown
Character of genome endsUnknown
Fasta file available?No
Cluster Life CycleTemperate
Annotating InstitutionUnknown or unassigned
Annotation StatusNot sequenced
Plaque Notessmall. circular, slightly cloudy, 2mm in diameter
Has been Phamerated?No
Publication Info
Uploaded to GenBank?No
GenBank AccessionNone yet
Refseq NumberNone yet
Archiving Info
Archiving status Archived
Pitt Freezer Box# 41
Pitt Freezer Box Grid# D7
Available Files
EM PictureDownload