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Details for Cluster AL phages
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Members Subclusters Avg Size (bp) Avg GC% Avg Genes Avg tRNAs
7 -- 59,746 64.6 99

Cluster AL phages infect hosts in the following genus


Lysogeny notes for Cluster AL phages

Phages in this cluster appear to be lytic.

Cluster AL phages
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Phage Name

Host Genus

Genome (bp)




Year Found

Edmundo Arthrobacter 60191 64.6 None None 2014
Laroye Arthrobacter 60005 64.8 99 None 2012
LiSara Arthrobacter 60137 64.7 None None 2015
Salgado Arthrobacter 59807 64.6 99 None 2012
Shrooms Arthrobacter 59707 64.5 None None 2016
Waltz Arthrobacter 58499 64.3 None None 2014
Wheelbite Arthrobacter 59879 64.8 None None 2015
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