Archive Protocols

Description/Goal: If you submit information about a phage to, please submit a sample of the lysate to our archive inventory. Archiving includes sending a sample for our inventory AND making sure the info at PhagesDB is complete and accurate. If you are a member of the SEA-PHAGES program, the protocol for those sample preps are found here. If you are not a member of SEA-PHAGES, please consider submitting a sample and keeping your phage data up-to-date. contact debbie ( for additional information.
Protocol last modified 10-20-21 <a href="" target="_blank">Video Protocol</a> Shipping address change due to COVID. NEW SHIPPING ADDRESS! See protocol! Protocol Modification 10-20-21: DO NOT USE BEADS!

Last Updated: October 20, 2021

As PDF: SEA_Archiving_Protocol_10-20-21.pdf

As Word Doc: SEA_Archiving_Protocol_10-20-21.docx