K-RITH Mycobacterial Genetics Course (8)
Recommended reading list for participants of the 2012 K-RITH Mycobacterial Genetics Course. These papers cover advancements and issues pertaining to Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Mycobacterium smegmatis, and their phages.
The secret lives of mycobacteriophages.
Advances in Virus Research
Hatfull, GF, 2012
Mycobacteriophages: Genes and Genomes
Annual Review of Microbiology
Hatfull GF, 2010
Comparative genomic analysis of 60 Mycobacteriophage genomes: genome clustering, gene acquisition, and gene size.
Journal of molecular biology
Hatfull GF et al, 2010
The many roads to essential genes
Wei J, Rubin, E, 2008
Recombineering mycobacteria and their phages.
Nature Reviews Microbiology
van Kessel JC, Marinelli LJ, Hatfull GF, 2008
Defining the ‘survivasome’ of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Nature Medicine
Lamichhane G, Bishai W, 2007
Novel Strategy to Prevent Otitis Media Caused by Colonizing Streptococcus pneumoniae
PLoS Pathogens
McCullers JA, Karlström A, Iverson AR, Loeffler JM, Fischett, 2007
The Etiology of Tuberculosis
Dtsch Gesundheitsw
R Koch, 1952