New Features, Part 2
Dan Russell
Nov 7, 2012
So what's new with the new PhagesDB? The second in a two part series...

Up-to-date Databases

Before, the local BLAST database and the Phamerator information on PhagesDB needed to be manually updated, and often we were weeks or months behind in doing so. This meant that recently finished genomes weren't available in BLAST, and Pham numbers and content were out-of-sync with what was in Phamerator itself. Now, each of these databases is automatically updated several times per week, so they should always be current.

Data Access

On our data download page, you can get an up-to-the-minute spreadsheet that contains much of the phage data stored on the site, to be used for whatever purpose you deem fit! We'll add other data-access options soon, such as the ability to download all phage fasta files.


The PubGroups page existed before, but was buried. We hope this feature will prove useful, and we'll soon be adding lists of papers that those of you teaching the SEA-PHAGES course might find useful for your students.

Document Access

We've set up a documents page that will act as a one-stop place to access important applications, guides, PowerPoints, and more so that you don't have to poke around the site looking for these on individual pages.

Protocol Comments

Those of you who are trying to navigate the phage hunting landscape outside the SEA-PHAGES or PHIRE programs might be regularly using our protocols. Now each protocol has its own page where you can leave a comment about what worked, what didn't, and any tweaks you've made to help others on their way.