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PhagesDB Blog Posts Tagged: PhagesDB
Dan Russell
May 8, 2015

I'm very excited to announce that in the next few weeks, we'll be launching the new Actinobacter phage database which will merge the existing Myco, Arthro, and Strepto DBs as well as have the ability to hold information about any …

Tags: PhagesDB
Dan Russell
Aug 30, 2014

The quick version

You can now create a PhagesDB account using a Google (gmail), Facebook, or Twitter account. If you already have a PhagesDB account, you can log in, then go to our connections page to assocaite your existing account …

Dan Russell
Sep 16, 2013
For those of you in the SEA-PHAGES program out there, I hope the school year is off to a fantastic start, and new phages are being isolated all over the place. We're excited to see what you're finding!

More so this …
Dan Russell
Nov 7, 2012
So what's new with the new PhagesDB? The second in a two part series...

Up-to-date Databases

Before, the local BLAST database and the Phamerator information on PhagesDB needed to be manually updated, and often we were weeks or months behind in doing …
Dan Russell
Oct 17, 2012
So what's new with the new PhagesDB? The first in a two part series...

Improved Phage and Cluster Lists

Instead of the Phage List and Cluster List being simply lists of names, they're now sortable/searchable tables that …
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