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Details for Cluster AZ phages
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Members Subclusters Avg Size (bp) Avg GC% Avg Genes Avg tRNAs
16 -- 43,489 67.1 71 0

Cluster AZ phages infect hosts in the following genus


Lysogeny notes for Cluster AZ phages

Phages in this cluster are generally temperate. (This does not, however, guarantee that every single phage will be able to form lysogens, as some may have had important lysogeny genes deleted.)

This assessment has been made primarly by looking at bioinformatic evidence, such as the presence of an identifiable integrase or partitioning system and repressor.

Cluster AZ phages
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Phage Name

Host Genus

Genome (bp)




Year Found

Adolin Arthrobacter 43022 65.9 None None 2019
Adumb2043 Arthrobacter 43100 67.0 None None 2019
DrManhattan Arthrobacter 42577 66.0 None None 2017
DrSierra Arthrobacter 42622 66.5 None None 2017
Elezi Arthrobacter 43471 66.6 None None 2019
Lego Arthrobacter 43446 67.5 None None 2019
Liebe Arthrobacter 45803 68.8 None None 2017
London Arthrobacter 43599 66.6 None None 2019
Maureen Arthrobacter 45802 68.8 None None 2017
Phives Arthrobacter 44204 67.3 None None 2019
Powerpuff Arthrobacter 44651 67.6 71 0 2019
Reedo Arthrobacter 41823 65.3 None None 2019
Tbone Arthrobacter 44111 67.6 None None 2019
Tweety19 Arthrobacter 40873 66.1 None None 2019
Yang Arthrobacter 43206 68.4 None None 2017
YesChef Arthrobacter 43510 67.7 None None 2019
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* Provisional cluster assignment. Awaiting finished genome sequence to make final cluster determination.