Microbacterium phage YellowPanda
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Detailed Information for Phage YellowPanda
Discovery Information
Isolation HostMicrobacterium foliorum NRRL B-24224
Found ByTravis Kryszewski
Year Found2021
Location FoundTampa, FL USA
Finding InstitutionHillsborough Community College
ProgramScience Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science
From enriched soil sample?No
Isolation Temperature95°C
GPS Coordinates28.059883 N, 82.515914 W Map
Discovery NotesOverview- Acquired soil from grass patch within 6 feet of a palm tree that was composted and fully decomposed into the soil a month prior. used sterilized plastic spoon to gather soil, soil was scooped into a ziplock sandwich bag, and lightly mixed to ensure a broad collect from full soil level extracted.
* Depth 2 1/2 all soil was used
* Water content moist
* Light level- very shady, moody light
* Temp 95F atmospheric
* Rainfall Heavy within the past 6 hours rained
* Health - Soil was very healthy, rich, black, teaming with nearby lush greenery and foliage, many insects and a teeming ecosystem.
Protocol used 5.2
NOTE- Small changes to protocol, in that some steps were altered or followed differently, the scooping device was a sterilized in isopropyl rubbing alcohol, and ziplock baggy was not inverted and instead had sample directly scooped into it due to it being too small to invert and grasp the soil. Once soil was within baggy it was lightly mixed to ensure bacteria at surface and bottom level of the 2 1/2 inch soil extract were mixed to ensure all bacteria were included.

Extraction site had a malodor distinct to Microbacterium foliorum NRRL B-24224
Naming NotesYellow panda, it was named "Yellow" given the fact that the bacteria we used to culture it is yellow, Panda due to phage and panda similarities and marketability.
A panda only eats bamboo, and only certain species of bamboo, both are highly specialized beings that only eat certain things, and it is also an incredibly friendly name overall. If you say you are to be injecting someone with PRAXUS II they are not going to be as keenly open to the idea as opposed to saying hey were going to cure you by injecting you with yellow Panda. Its very friendly, and I find it builds both on my phages discovery and my fascinating correlation between phage and pandas.
Sequencing Information
Sequencing Complete?Yes
Date Sequencing CompletedFeb 3, 2022
Sequencing FacilityPittsburgh Bacteriophage Institute
Shotgun Sequencing MethodIllumina Sequencing
Approximate Shotgun Coverage2135
Genome length (bp)53658
Character of genome endsCircularly Permuted
GC Content56.7%
Fasta file available?Yes: Download fasta file
Cluster Life CycleUnknown
Other Cluster Members
Annotating InstitutionHillsborough Community College
Annotation StatusIn GenBank
Plaque NotesLytic plaques diameter very small 0.5 mm in diameter to 0.75 mm very voracious usually results in total blowouts if not diluted.
Has been Phamerated?Yes
Gene List
Submitted Minimal DNA Master FileDownload
Publication Info
Uploaded to GenBank?Yes
GenBank AccessionPP405125
Refseq NumberNone yet
Archiving Info
Archiving status Archived
Pitt Freezer Box# 136
Pitt Freezer Box Grid# H1
Available Files
Plaque PictureDownload
Restriction Digest PictureDownload
EM PictureDownload
GenBank File for PhameratorDownload