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Mycobacterium phage LilSpotty
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Detailed Information for Phage LilSpotty
Discovery Information
Isolation HostMycobacterium smegmatis mc²155
Found ByRinah Kim
Year Found2018
Location FoundLa Crescenta, CA USA
Finding InstitutionUniversity of California, Los Angeles
ProgramScience Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science
From enriched soil sample?Yes
Isolation Temperature35°C
GPS Coordinates34.223687 N, 118.255645 W Map
Discovery NotesPhage LilSpotty was isolated from moderately moist, dark soil on 4/8/2018 by Rinah Kim at a depth of 4 inches. Air temp at time of collection was 14˚C. The collection site distant from buildings; moderately low foot traffic; approximately 50 m from the major road and cement; no water in close proximity; many trees (more than 15) present within the range of 10 m (the site was located in a local park); slightly sloped.

Phage LilSpotty was isolated by standard enrichment protocol at 35˚C.
High-Titer Lysate [Midi-Lysate] (Archive) Titer: 1.6 * 10^10
Date of High-Titer Lysate Titer: 5/23/18

Characterization was performed by Team We're Goin' Viral (Christian Torres, Kelly Duong, Micah Chong, Chris Lee) and Team KARL (Karina Haleblian, Alexis Ballew, Lillian Lai, Rinah Kim).

MIMG 103AL-S18 Instructor: Dr. Amanda Freise
Teaching Assistant: Samuel Wu
Undergraduate Assistants: Kalin Patel & Mariam Khatchatrian
Laboratory Support: Dr. Krisanavane Reddi and Dr. Jordan Moberg Parker
Sequencing Information
Sequencing Complete?Yes
Date Sequencing CompletedAug 3, 2018
Sequencing FacilityPittsburgh Bacteriophage Institute
Shotgun Sequencing MethodIllumina Sequencing
Approximate Shotgun Coverage2612
Genome length (bp)49798
Character of genome ends3' Sticky Overhang
Overhang Length10 bases
Overhang SequenceCGGCCGGCAT
End Determination NotesEnds were fairly apparent from the buildup of reads flanking an overhang, though the right end of the genome had fewer obvious reads supporting the end call.
GC Content64.7%
Fasta file available?Yes: Download fasta file
Cluster Life CycleUnknown
Other Cluster Members
Annotation StatusBeing Annotated (Expected completion by 5/31/2019)
Plaque NotesPlaque Morphology: From the enrichment isolation plates, most of the plaque morphology is tiny and clear but there were some plaques that were turbid.
Average diameter in mm: 2.0 mm
Has been Phamerated?Yes
Gene List
Publication Info
Uploaded to GenBank?No
GenBank AccessionNone yet
Refseq NumberNone yet
Archiving Info
Archiving status Archived
Pitt Freezer Box# 78
Pitt Freezer Box Grid# C5
Available Files
Plaque PictureDownload
EM PictureDownload