Microbacterium phage YuuY
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Detailed Information for Phage YuuY
Discovery Information
Isolation HostMicrobacterium foliorum NRRL B-24224
Found ByUylae Kim
Year Found2019
Location FoundRiverside, CA USA
Finding InstitutionLa Sierra University
ProgramScience Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science
From enriched soil sample?Yes
Isolation Temperature22°C
GPS Coordinates33.90861 N, 117.495 W Map
Discovery NotesThe soil was wet, possessing a mud-like texture as it was obtained from the side of a stream. The sample was initially a dark brown coloration with few light brown spots. Sample contained biodegradable plant organisms such as roots, flowers, and duck feces; the composition of the saturated soil consisted of sand and organic matter. Soil was retrieved from the surface of the ground and down about 2-3 inches below surface level. The time of day was 3:40 p.m. on January 8, 2019.
Naming NotesMy name is UY. SEA-PHAGES has taught me, as well as my peers, what it means to fail or to mess up in science. Even if a procedure was performed correctly, there were times when the experiment still did not work. It was discouraging. But the lesson I learned is that sometimes, to get to who and where I am today ("uY"), it required me to go backwards first ("Yu") in order to fix and perfect previous steps. My mistakes were no longer setbacks, but opportunities to make me a better scientist.
Sequencing Information
Sequencing Complete?Yes
Date Sequencing CompletedMay 23, 2019
Sequencing FacilityPittsburgh Bacteriophage Institute
Shotgun Sequencing MethodIllumina Sequencing
Approximate Shotgun Coverage2327
Genome length (bp)40996
Character of genome endsCircularly Permuted
GC Content63.2%
Fasta file available?Yes: Download fasta file
Cluster Life CycleLytic
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Annotating InstitutionLa Sierra University
Annotation StatusIn GenBank
Plaque NotesThe plaques are clear, but surrounded by a dark halo ring. This indicates the presence of a lysogenic phage colony. The diameter of the clear inner circle alone is 2 mm, and the combined diameter of the circle with the outer ring is around 4 mm.
Number of tRNAs2
Has been Phamerated?Yes
Gene List
Submitted Minimal DNA Master FileDownload
Publication Info
Uploaded to GenBank?Yes
GenBank AccessionMN284901
Refseq NumberNone yet
Archiving Info
Archiving status Archived
Pitt Freezer Box# 93
Pitt Freezer Box Grid# A5
Available Files
Plaque PictureDownload
EM PictureDownload
GenBank File for PhameratorDownload