Mycobacterium phage Anaya
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Detailed Information for Phage Anaya
Discovery Information
Isolation HostMycobacterium smegmatis mc²155
Found ByAriangela Joy Davis
Year Found2009
Location FoundGrand Rapids, MI USA
Finding InstitutionCalvin College
ProgramScience Education Alliance-Phage Hunters Advancing Genomics and Evolutionary Science
From enriched soil sample?Yes
Isolation TemperatureNot entered
GPS Coordinates42.933022 N, 85.587226 W Map
Discovery NotesOutside the side door of Noordewier Hall, when coming out of the door, in the grass to your right, around the first inground sprinkler head
Sequencing Information
Sequencing Complete?Yes
Date Sequencing CompletedMar 17, 2011
Sequencing FacilityJoint Genomics Institute
Genome length (bp)60835
Character of genome ends3' Sticky Overhang
Overhang Length11 bases
GC Content66.4%
Fasta file available?Yes: Download fasta file
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Zavala (K1)

BontFonne (K2)

Cygnus24 (K2)

DismalFunk (K2)

DismalStressor (K2)

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Marcoliusprime (K2)

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OkiRoe (K5)

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Amohnition (K6)

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DarthP (K6)

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Krueger (K6)

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Unicorn (K6)

Ximenita (K6)

Plaque NotesMy plaques were… They typically had two different sizes, a larger and one quite a bit smaller. The plaques were clear in the middle and there were rings around the edges, like a halo. They typically took 48h to grow and the plates were incubated at 30°C.
Final annotation complete?Yes
Number of Genes98
Number of tRNAs1
Has been Phamerated?Yes
Gene List
Publication Info
Uploaded to GenBank?Yes
GenBank AccessionJF704106
Refseq NumberNone yet
Published in PaperPope, Bowman, Russell, et al 2015, eLIFE
Available Files
Plaque PictureDownload
Restriction Digest PictureDownload
Virtual Digest PictureDownload
EM PictureDownload
Final DNAMaster FileDownload